Saturday, May 14, 2011


Copper Shade Tree located in Round Top, Texas
I just took some items to the Copper Shade Tree in Round Top, Texas.  I placed some sculptures, birds and necklaces at their shop on Friday, the 13th of May.  Their website is Copper Shade Tree.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Award Winning Tabard

Welcome to my blog. My son set up my blog and my daughter set up my web page. I think they are both just beautiful. How lucky can you be.
I consider myself being a ceramist or clay artist.I went out on a limb and did something quite different than my usual artwork with clay.I needed a challenge, something to get me up and running again. I painted "Whimsy Woman" on fabric, then appliqued it onto the back of a tabard made out of black fabric, I then had to sew it together. Ugh! This was submitted for the tabard challenge for the San Antonio Fiber Art Style Show . To my surprise, I won the Tabard Challenge. What was so exciting my sister, Sandra Edsall won the Best of Show! This wasn't rigged really!! By vote of 300 attentees.

Tabard Detail 1

I really enjoyed painting whimsy woman on fabric. I have to admit I did a lot of complaining and whining (my sister says) when I realized I had to finally sew a tabard using my 1970 Elna sewing machine to submit for the tabard challenge. She pushed me all the way!!!

I used a mix of acrylic, fabric medium and fabric paints for my painting. I accented with a gold metallic pen. The hair is Lutradur treated with paints and heat.

Tabard Detail 2

 I painted 3 inch wide front bands for the tabard and also appliqued them on.Then the under arm and front ties were out of black rattail cord with hand made glazed ceramic beads hanging on the ends. It was lined with a black & white stripe fabric.

Nativity Scene

My Nativity pieces are made out of terra cotta clay accented with different kinds of fabrics. This one is embellished with Guatemalan fabrics I picked up on a trip to Guatemala. I usually sell this as a four piece with a brightly painted clay backdrop of whimiscal houses including a church. Sometimes three wisemen and an angel are added also.

Wise Men (Nativity Characters)

This set of the Wise Men are dressed also in Guatemalan fabrics. All Nativity figures are about 6-7 inches tall.

St. Nick (Santas)

Two different Santas Sculpted with terra cotta clay.One dressed with South of the Border fabric and a straw hat and the other with tapestry fabric and fur trim.

A Wild Woman

African Queen is dressed in African Mud Cloth draped with a woven yarn shawl. Her hair is made from yarn, strips of silk saris and silk sari yarn. She is about 11 inches tall, standing bare footed on a piece of slate. The body of this sculpture is also terra cotta clay.

A Wild Woman Close Up

African Queen has a lot of character. Her necklace is made from some African beads and bone. I have a T-shirt made up with a face similar to hers with "Wild Woman" printed below the face. Will post a photo later.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Terra Cotta Necklace & Earrings

This necklace is made with hand-made terra cotta, glazed ceramic and fabric beads. The fabric beads are decorated with wire, turq chips and glass beads.Most of my necklaces are made with ceramic beads that are brightly glazed to complement every outfit.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Birds of a Feather Sculptures

After doing "Wild women" for a few years I needed to add some excitement to my sculptures. I decided why not "Birds of a Feather". The birds I make are whimsical and fun to do. I love creating a personality by giving them very expressive eyes! Then I dress them "fit to kill" with bright glazes, beads, ribbons, feathers and last but not least very large, oversize feet.